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Wire Wheel Hub Puller Part18G363

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I need to locate this tool, or if someone has made one, to finish a brake job on my 1959 MGA. The front has disc brakes (probably off a 1600 at some point). But the only ones I can find on eBay are selling for $300-$500. I will exchange a loan of this tool for a half-decent bottle of wine ! Steve Rogers 510-366-4066

Help in putting back together the inside of my engine compartment on my 1964 MGB

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I removed various parts (generator, heater box, carburetor heat shield, etc.) in order to paint the inside of the compartment and powdercoat various parts. Was hoping someone with early B expertise could work with me evenings or weekends to put “Humpty Dumpty” back together so I can drive him again. I’m definitely willing to pay for this help. I can be reached at 202-320-8975 or via email The car is in my garage in Berkeley, near the Claremont hotel. Thanks, Lou

Steel wheels needed for 1958 MGA

Mark Darley 0 336

I am looking for a set of original steel wheels for my MGA. My wheels have worn out around the holes for the lug nuts.

The pattern for this car was only used prior to March 1958 but I would consider any steel wheels for the Mga 1500, 1600 or Magnette.

Often people switch from steel to wire wheels and just have a set of the steels sitting around!  Please contact me if you have a set that are in good condition.

Mark 415 310 5252. Mill Valley







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